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Add some style and passion to your home, office, or garage with our limited iconic 3D wall models!


Each model is a handcrafted high-detail masterpiece made in Germany - the land of the Autobahn. 


The number of each model is strictly limited to its series number, i.e., 964 units of the Porsche 964, 993 units of the Porsche 993, etc. - so don't miss out.


Choose from multiple standard colors or have your model customized in most RAL colors of choice to match your own car or personal taste. Every model is made from colored premium resin (PU) and finished with an immaculate satin gloss.

Whether you want to showcase your model in your home, office, or garage we have just the right option for you. Get your cut-in-half model framed or mounted on an oak or DIBOND panel. Each option allows you to hang the model on a wall for optimal visibility and without taking up any precious shelf- or desk-space.  

Please contact us for additional sizes, materials, or car models (more to be added soon).

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